Tis’ The Season!

The holidays are almost here! And not sure about you, but this makes me want to buy stuff. "CONSUME!" my mind says. Go forth and decorate with useless but colorful throw pillows! Stop at the coffee shop and splurge on an iced coffee with macadamia milk (is that a thing? It should be a thing)… But alas, other thoughts bubble up, ringing dully like a rattling chain. "No way I can get those pillows - the car needs an oil change, kids need new shoes, the pantry is getting bare and it'll be boxed mac and cheese tonight (again)."


These are the thoughts of a person bound by a dismal financial situation, stuck in a loop where money can't be used to enrich the quality of life, and where the holidays are just a set of months that are needed to get through instead of fully enjoy.


So how does one remove these financial restrictions, seize the opportunity of quality family time and be free to spend a little extra money on an overpriced coffee that we could probably make much better at home but I don't care give me some gosh darn it, I deserve it! THAT, my friends, is the hard part, because then we need to actually think about...economics. I know, I know, that word kinda grosses me out too but honestly, if you don't understand economics, you are missing the key anchoring block of a strong financial literacy foundation. So we need to rally on this one, guys - tassled pillows await us!


PROVIDOM  wants to help. No one deserves the tension and stress of juggling family, career, and financial planning and budgeting alone. And if you never had any help along the way on how to manage money, it can be a long and frightful journey to educating yourself on how to use your money. And seriously, we probably all have some PTSD moments where we learned the hard way on what NOT to do.


Follow our LinkedIn page for more information on how our programs can be the financial coach you never had. We want you to succeed (because then we ALL succeed! ) and we will strive to help create a culture where...economics (shew, still hard to say), does not send a shiver down our spines, and learning financial management and strategies are, gasp! FUN!