You've Got Questions:   

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How do I stop living paycheck to paycheck?


Can someone help me with the accounting for my business?

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When can I afford a home?


What does the best budget for me look like?




We are in the process of creating a curriculum specifically tailored to our high school and college audience. Our high school program will be a 11-lesson curriculum that covers the value of money, credit, college funding and finally investments. The program will strengthen a student from freshman to senior year, so that they can graduate with the tools necessary to boldly step into self-sufficiency – whether in college or wherever their path leads.

Our solutions are then available to give explorers a space to practice the tools they have learned – we usher them along their journey to financial freedom. Explorers then graduate to be Commanders – commanding their financial freedom. We either provide direct solutions such as free tax return preparation and accountant contracting or access to trusted partners who provide our commanders with affordable terms and rates.



Our programs focus on the underlying reason, cause and strategy behind common financial transactions, so students (we refer to them as explorers - exploring the breadth of financial freedom available) know not only what they need to do but why they need to do it.

 To do this, we created a content track that seamlessly connects financial strategies and mental psyche - clearly demonstrating cause and effect.

Comedy is then utilized in our delivery with skits, candid anecdotes and improv to present all topics in a relatable and digestible way. Our goal is to create a new culture and mindset towards money.