Personal Finance coaching

Construct spending and savings plan

Compile financial goals

Formulate plan to achieve financial goals

Credit Repair

Evaluate credit report

Formulate plan to improve credit score

Investigate negative remarks

Tax return assistance

VITA program prepares tax returns for individuals with an AGI under $63,000 for free

Tax return assistance will be provided for individuals and married couples with an AGI of $130,000 or less


accounting process setup

Determine the accounting process best for your organization

Create accounting process and monitor process for effectiveness and efficiency

Bookkeeping Assistance

Verify accuracy of current accounting process monthly

Assist accounting staff, if applicable

Assist in receipt documentation and transaction categorization

Business entity Structure Planning

Assistance on initial formation documents

Advisement on correct pricing and costing structure

Tax return Assistance-SOLE Proprietors

Partnerships-assistance with both business ($250,000 limit, 20 partner limit) and personal tax returns

Corporations-assistance with return for business with income and assets under $250,000

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