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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to financial freedom in every aspect of your life. Money can be scary, but with guidance, education and practice you can conquer anything! We guide and educate by combining psychology and financial literacy, so you can truly understand your personal financial journey.

PROVIDOM Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to create a shift in your relationship with money through financial literacy and access to solutions that promote and support holistic financial freedom!

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Many think that money means math. We leave the math to the calculators and dig much deeper. Find out about our organization, mission, and our methods.


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Our programs give the education and our solutions provide the increase. Want to learn about how PROVIDOM can contribute to your financial freedom? Click below to learn about our programs and solutions.


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We all deal with money, so we should all know about financial concepts like taxes, budgeting and wealth. That information shouldn’t be a secret.