Who We Are

Interesting tid-bits about our Non-Profit

Our Origin Story

Providence + Kingdom = PROVIDOM

PROVIDOM noun (prov· i· dom | ˈprä-və-dəm)
Divine direction toward freedom and opportunity for our community.


PROVIDOM is a Non-Profit organization that provides students, individuals, and young companies the financial tools, practices, and positive psychology that will empower them to attain financial health and freedom.


We envision a limitless community reaping the benefits of financial health and freedom, by promoting healthy relationships with money and approaching financial literacy with a new, positive mindset.


• Transparency
• Enrichment
• Simplicity
• Trust
‍• Compassion


A long, long time in the making...

I've had you in mind since I was 14 years old

PROVIDOM is an endeavor I have been working toward my entire life and we are just now, really getting started. As I watched loved ones struggle with finances, I found myself falling into the same habits.

Thankfully, my upbringing has cultivated a learner and I have been able to take the tools I’ve learned from both education and esteemed experts in the field to develop the tools I needed to help myself... Which has positioned me to be able to guide and teach others (talking to you, reader), to finally attain their own financial freedom.